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Rusty jets on tarmac show India beer baron's fallen empire

Vijay Mallya in 2011 in Mumbai. Mallya, the 60-year-old tycoon who presided over a beer and liquor empire a few years ago, has said Kingfisher Airlines was an "unfortunate commercial failure" caused by macro-economic factors and government policies.  Photo: Adeel Halim/Bloomberg

In an airfield in southern India, seven planes of the failed Kingfisher Airlines rust away -- relics of a former billionaire's ambition and emblems of the complex regulations that hamper Indian aviation.

The decaying aircraft, damaged by floods in Chennai late last year, were part of the fleet of India's once second-largest airline. As authorities try to recover up to $1.36 billion of debt owed by Kingfisher's founder Vijay Mallya, aviation analysts say regulatory changes in the wake of the airline's 2012 demise don't go far enough in supporting the world's fastest-growing air travel market...

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