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How the Left learned to love Le Pen

Like Trump, Marine Le Pen has a voter base beyond angry whites in the economically depressed regions that account for most of the 900,000 industrial jobs France has lost over the past 15 years. Foto: AP

HAYANGE, France - The towers of the ArcelorMittal steel mill loom over the little town of Hayange, silent and shuttered. Few people stopped to chat on a recent winter day - the streets were shrouded in an icy fog - but those who paused summarized life here succinctly: There has been little work since the blast furnaces at the mill were shut down in 2013, and little hope either.

"Everyone is sick of it," said Pascal, who declined to give his last name, leaning on the door of his tattoo parlor. "100 percent I am going to vote for Marine Le Pen."..

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