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Quantifying Your Company’s Emotional Culture

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Managers tend to view emotions as something that can’t really be measured. But you can — and should — track emotions quantitatively, the same way you’d track employees’ other attitudes and behaviors: through surveys. There’s a key difference in approach, however.

In a survey we’ve used in many organizational settings, people don’t tell us how they feel. Rather, employees or outside raters observe the emotional culture around them — the norms, values and assumptions governing which feelings people can have and should express at work. This helps us get a birds-eye view of what’s happening with the group as a whole. We ask: “To what degree do other people in this organization (or division or unit) display the following emotions?” The options include enthusiasm, caring, compassion, frustration, anxiety and energy, to name a few. We then ask which emotions people should or shouldn’t express in their organization...

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