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Free Yourself from What You 'Should' Be Doing

What are you passionate about? What drives you? What would you love to do, and what do you care about doing if there was nothing getting in your way? Photo: Colourbox

Many people are hesitant to step out of their regular roles and routines. The idea of putting yourself in a position to potentially fail can be frightening and stressful. But sometimes what’s keeping you in one spot may not be your own self-interest. In fact, other people’s wishes and the feeling that you “should” stay put may be tamping down your preferences. What’s holding you back may be compliance, not comfort.

I’ve seen this many times in my research. People have pursued one path in life — influenced by their culture, parents or sense of what they “should” pursue — that leads them to invest time, money and skill development in a path that is very hard to escape from. After decades of going down this path, they realize that they’re doing it out of habit, not passion. I've also seen that it’s never too late to step off that path...

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