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5 turning points for technology in 2015

You could pick any number of events this year as turning points in what has become a wide-ranging fight over whether Uber drivers - and other contract workers - deserve the same workplace benefits as people who are employed full-time.  Foto: AP

Looking back, 2015 was filled with major moments in technology and media. Comcast failed to close its mega-merger with Time Warner Cable, after regulators effectively spiked the deal. A European court struck down an important data-sharing agreement with the United States. And Google underwent a major restructuring, setting itself up as a subsidiary of a new holding company called Alphabet.

Big as they are, these events aren't necessarily the ones we will refer back to in the months ahead. Instead, I highlight a few others, some of which may feel less important by comparison but collectively represent important turning points for technology and business. What unites them is the way they changed the whole conversation about technology - in some cases opening consumers' eyes to a new way of doing things, in other cases unmistakably shifting the terms of debate on a key issue...

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