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How to score a White House Correspondents' Dinner ticket?

One of the highlights of the yearly White House Correspondent´s Dinner is to whatch a more informal president. Not least when he gives the famous status-of-the-year-speech, which most often is loaded with humorous comments about political opponents and the President self.

That query, now on the lips of bucket-list checkers inside the Beltway and out, sounds straightforward, and the simple answer is this: be a White House correspondent, or the boss of such a person. Be a desired guest of the media outlets with access to golden tickets: a senator, maybe, or a Cabinet secretary, a top advertiser - or a celebrity. And even then, cross your fingers just for good measure.

But that explanation belies a fraught process by which the annual dinner's 2600 tickets are distributed - all influenced by a stew of power plays, ego, and money. Think politics is just for politicians? Welcome to the creation of the seating chart for the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner...

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