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10 ways to improve your telework productivity this year

Foto: Martin Stampe

Have a New Year's resolution to work from home more this year - maybe to spend more time with your children or save some gas money? Thanks to the flexible world of the Internet, I've been able to work away from The Washington Post's D.C. office for about a year and a half now - joining an estimated 37 percent of Americans who say they've telecommuted. Working from home can have its own charms and challenges. Here's what I've learned about teleworking in my time away, including some tech tips to make sure that your office of one keeps chugging along.

Make your own space. This is important. Without some separation, you can feel like you're always halfway between working and not, and that's a recipe for a bad work-from-home experience. In my case, I claimed a room as my home office so I could close the door on my work at the end of the day. If a separate room with a door isn't possible, you could try a folding room divider. Even having a work table of your own may help...

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