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Trump adviser Gary Cohn is leaving Goldman Sachs with a $123 million payout

Gary Cohn (th.) får øjensynligt god betaling med fra Goldman Sachs, hvis han forlader investeringsbanken til fordel for "team Trump". Foto: Arkiv Foto: WEF/SwissImage

Another potential member of President Trump's inner circle is set to leave his current job and join the government with a plush payout. Weeks after news that ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson would receive a nest egg valued at more than $180 million, Goldman Sachs said in a filing that Gary Cohn, the firm's president and Trump's pick to lead the National Economic Council, will receive a payout that unlocks cash and stock awards valued at $123 million.

Those include awards that Cohn wouldn't have been able to access or sell otherwise, in some cases for a number of years, had he remained at the bank or simply retired. The payment includes lifting restrictions on $23 million in shares Cohn owned, accelerating the delivery of $35 million in restricted shares he had earned, and unshackling another $65 million in cash for long-term performance bonuses that would have been tied to the bank's future performance...

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