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From residents in rural Maryland, trust in Trump

Patrons dine at Annie's Kitchen Country Restaurant in Accident, a town in far Western Maryland. Residents of the town express a sense of security in the actions taken by President Donald Trump. Washington Post photo by Zoeann Murphy

ACCIDENT, Md. - In this tiny town of rolling hills in far Western Maryland, many of President Trump's supporters have a message to those protesting his policies: Take a deep breath and stop yelling.

Many here say the president is simply doing everything that he promised to do and that he was elected to do - fight political correctness, protect the country from terrorists, crack down on illegal immigration, make Washington's swamp dwellers uncomfortable and show strength to other countries. Critics are unfairly exaggerating the effect of Trump's executive orders and complaining without giving him a fair chance, supporters say, just as critics blew some of his comments and jokes out of proportion during the campaign...

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