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Greenland needs money. Is a uranium mine the answer?

The uranium and rare earth element mine in Southern Greenland could be one of the biggest sources of rare earth elements in the world.

NARSAQ, Greenland - As principal of the primary school in this once-prosperous fishing town near the southern tip of Greenland, Ivalo Motzfeldt has a clear view of what unemployment and shrinking opportunity can do to families: Children arriving at school hungry and traumatized by domestic violence. Recurrent waves of suicides. Flagging motivation and stubbornly low rates of academic advancement.

Motzfeldt knows that breaking this pattern is critical to Narsaq's future and to Greenland's. But she passionately opposes the government's proposed solution: an open-pit rare earth-minerals and uranium mine near town financed by a pair of Australian and Chinese mining companies. She fears that the mine will poison South Greenland's pristine environment with radioactive waste and open the tiny nation of 56,000 to foreign meddling. "We need money, but we can't sacrifice the land for money," she said...

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