Luksusvareaktier presset af covid-19-udviklingen i Kina

Customers enter a fashion boutique of Louis Vuitton (LV) in Hong Kong, China, 26 October 2016. After two years of recession, China's luxury market growth is again moving into positive territory, but 2016 marks the first time that Chinese consumers contributed less to global luxury sales than the year before, according to a report by Bain & Company. China's overall contribution to the global market declined to 30 percent in 2016, a drop of 1 percentage point from the year before, said the consultancy's annual Bain Luxury Study. Bain reported a 2 percent decline in 2015 for China's luxury market, as consumers mostly spent their money on luxury products overseas. The new report says that this market is growing again after Bain reported in May this year that it would be up 2 percent. Over the longer term, Bain said it still thinks of China as a leading contributor to global personal luxury goods consumption, due in large part to its growing middle class. China's luxury market has reached a maturation point, said Claudia D'Arpizio, a Bain partner in Milan and lead author of the study. Foto: AP/Imaginechina

De europæiske luksusvareproducenter er tirsdag presset efter bekymringer om sektorens afhængighed af Kina samt den seneste covid-19-udvikling i landet.

Det skriver Bloomberg News...

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