Former Huawei smartphone unit faces a blacklist

The Trump administration placed Huawei on the entity list in 2019 after calling the company a national security threat, including for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions on Iran. The United States indicted the daughter of Huawei's founder on bank and wire fraud charges related to the Iran allegations and is seeking her extradition from Canada, a matter that has heightened tensions among the three countries. Foto: Finn Frandsen

Key security agencies are divided over whether to place Huawei's former smartphone company on an export blacklist, showing that the Trump-era debates about the trade-offs of doing business with Chinese technology companies continue during the Biden administration.

Last week, career personnel at four agencies responsible for making such decisions split on whether to put the smartphone-maker, Honor, on the Commerce Department's entity list, which bars exports of U.S. technology to the sanctioned firm without a department license...

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