Tech giants quietly buy up dozens of companies a year. The Biden administration is finally noticing.

In a study released Wednesday, the FTC said Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon together made 616 acquisitions from 2010 to 2019 that fell below that reporting threshold but were worth at least $1 million. Many of those acquisitions likely were never disclosed at all. Foto: Tony Avelar

A soaring number of mergers and acquisitions, many of them never publicly announced, is overwhelming antitrust regulators, a major problem for the Biden administration's hopes of intensifying scrutiny of corporate power centers like Silicon Valley.

Already this year, companies across all industries have sought to buy or merge with others worth at least $92 million almost 3,000 times - roughly 40 percent more than before the pandemic in 2019 - according to federal data. Regulators at the Federal Trade Commission, charged with upholding competition laws alongside the Justice Department, are warning they are unable to adequately review this magnitude of activity...

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