Coca-Cola har mod tradition planer om at lancere sin første sodavand med alkohol i 126 år. Foto: Brian Ach/AP

Coca-Cola bryder 126 år lang tradition

Carlsberg har allerede tidligere på året meldt ud, at de øjner et nyt marked med de såkaldte hard seltzers, der er kalorielette alkoholsodavand med frugtsmag. Særligt i USA er produkte...
Tins of Coca-Cola coke are for sale at a supermarket in Shanghai, China, 16 December 2018. Ask an economist when the Coca-Cola Co.'s syrupy drinks first washed up on Chinese shores, and they will likely point you to the Deng Xiaoping-era embrace of market economics four decades ago. The company entered the country in December 1978, just weeks before China and the U.S. established full diplomatic relations. But that was the quintessentially American beverage giant's second coming. Coca-Cola began selling its sodas in China in 1927. It was booted out in 1949 when Mao Zedong, the leader of the young People's Republic, deemed Coke too bourgeois for Communist China. Even in the reform era, the company was treated cautiously. For its first few years in China, Coke was sold primarily in closely watched import stores catering mainly to foreigners. When an on-the-street Coke promotion was felt to have crossed a red line, sales of the soda were banned outright for a year. (Imaginechina via AP Images)

April ser tør ud for Coca Cola

Coca-Cola havde et fornuftigt første kvartal, men coronapandemien præger salget negativt i april. Aflysningen af flere store arrangementer samt lukningen af restauranter, caféer og and...
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