Tesla gives 'Full Self-Driving' to a new crop of users, then takes it away after apparent software bugs

SAN FRANCISCO - Tesla is dialing back its Full Self-Driving software, CEO Elon Musk said Sunday, after discovering software bugs in the new batch of the software beta.

The Tesla logo is seen on the grille of a Model X electric vehicle in Moscow on July 20, 2018. The update had already proven troublesome earlier in the weekend, as Tesla delayed its initial release Saturday morning because of what Musk wrote was "regression in some left turns at traffic lights" found by internal quality inspectors. Foto: Bloomberg/Andrey Rudakov

The company had rolled out a new version of its driver-assistance software to an expanded group of users over the weekend, but Musk said that it proved problematic and that the company was working on fixes.

"Seeing some issues with [version] 10.3, so rolling back to 10.2 temporarily," he wrote in a tweet. "Please note, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions with internal [quality assurance], hence public beta."..

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