Rockets aren't enough. Jeff Bezos and the growing commercial space industry now want to build space stations.

They're not just building rockets and spacecraft anymore.

An artist rendering of Starlab, the private space station being proposed by Nanoracks in collaboration with Lockheed Martin. NASA is looking to the private sector to develop the successor to the International Space Station, which has been in operation for more than 20 years. Foto: Image courtesy of Nanroacks.

The growing commercial space industry, which for years has worked to reliably launch cargo and more recently humans to space, is now looking to build space stations that would populate low Earth orbit and eventually replace the aging International Space Station.

A number of companies are competing as part of a NASA-funded program to develop habitats that could house astronauts and scientists and help countries with emerging space programs get a foothold in orbit. Last week, Nanoracks, an aerospace venture that helps companies fly science experiments and other payloads to the ISS, announced it was partnering with its majority owner Voyager Space as well as Lockheed Martin to build a space station called Starlab...

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