Twitter's new strategy to fight climate lies: Give users accurate information first

Twitter says it is attempting to combat climate disinformation by steering its massive user base to reliable information with more context, a strategy the company calls "prebunking."

The platform is focused on elevating credible information from global experts, Busby said. The idea is to prime users with reliable data before someone else can spam them with falsehoods. Foto: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris

The rollout coincides with the United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, which is expected to spark an increase in bad information online. Twitter users will be directed to online hubs containing "credible, authoritative information," according to a company blog post. These guides will appear in users' "explore" tabs, their Twitter search portals, and relevant trends lists," according to a Twitter spokeswoman, who confirmed details first reported by Axios.

The platform wants to get ahead of any coordinated falsehoods that could surface during the summit, which aims to chart an aggressive course to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow Earth's warming. Negotiations will take place over two weeks, but the two-day leaders' summit begins Monday with about 120 heads of stat and government officials...

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