How to keep your intimate, embarrassing or damaging text messages as private as possible

Imagine you exchanged romantic text messages with someone you were seeing. Now imagine you are on trial for fraud and a former Walgreens executive reads a private message you received out loud in a court of law, in a dispassionate monotone: "love you, too."

Foto: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

That's the situation Elizebeth Holmes, founder of Theranos and current defendant, found herself in last month. Hundreds of text messages between Holmes and former Theranos president and chief operating officer Sunny Balwani have been entered into evidence by prosecutors, detailing years of their professional and romantic relationship. Many of the messages will be used by prosecutors to try to prove that Holmes is guilty of wire fraud, but it's the personal back-and-forth that may cause alarm (and secondhand embarrassment) for regular people.

If her "on route to dentist my king" or "handling quick email then home to my tiger" could end up logged in a spreadsheet and is viewable by anyone, what about our most personal moments?..

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