U.S. and European authorities target ransomware hackers

The Justice Department on Monday announced arrests and charges against hackers allegedly affiliated with a major ransomware organization and the recovery of more than $6 million extorted by the group named REvil.

A major move was the arrest in Poland last month of a Ukrainian national who allegedly conducted a debilitating July 2 attack against a Florida-based software firm, according to officials. Foto: Finn Frandsen

The Treasury Department also announced the imposition of sanctions against the hackers, and the State Department added REvil to a bounty program offering monetary rewards for information leading to the identification or location of any its key leaders.

Taken together, the moves represent the most comprehensive coordinated action by the Biden administration to show its determination to counter ransomware attacks that have risen to such damaging levels that President Joe Biden has twice directly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the need to take action against such criminals operating from Russian soil...

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