U.K. lets thousands apply to remain long after Brexit cutoff

Tens of thousands of European Union citizens are still applying to remain in the U.K. months after the government's post-Brexit deadline, a sign that many businesses may be employing people without so-called settled status.

A pedestrian holds an umbrella, featuring the design of the European Union flag, as he shelters from the rain in City of London financial district in London, U.K., on Aug. 19, 2019. Foto: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

Last month alone, the British Home Office received almost 65,000 applications from EU citizens to stay in the country, according to Bloomberg calculations from official data. That brings the total received since the June 30 deadline to more than 236,000.

People are only discovering that they don't have the right papers as they start traveling again or when they try to change jobs, according to immigration lawyers. The government so far appears to be taking a flexible approach to the late applications. Still, mixed messaging and a lack of clarity around how such workers may be dealt with in the future is creating uncertainty for industries like hospitality that rely on EU talent...

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