Meet the billionaire dreamer taking Musk's rocket to the moon

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, left, looks toward Yusaku Maezawa, founder and president of Start Today Co., during an event at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., on Sept. 17 when Maezawa was revealed as the first paying passenger to the moon on a flight scheduled for 2023. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Patrick T. Fallon

In a country known for conformity, Yusaku Maezawa has always sought to stand out.

He skipped college, moved to California to play in a rock band and started his own e-commerce company. After making it big, the 42-year-old started dropping hundreds of millions of dollars on artwork. Now the billionaire founder of Start Today Co. is set to become the first paying passenger to the moon on a SpaceX rocket scheduled to blast off in 2023. It's the latest headline-grabbing project by Maezawa, whose Twitter handle is @yousuck2020...

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