Puerto Rico governor driven from office amid record bankruptcy

Demonstrators march on a highway blocking traffic during a protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, onJuly 22, 2019. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Xavier Garcia

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello resigned Wednesday after two weeks of furious protests, throwing the leadership of the U.S. commonwealth into uncertainty as it crawls back from a ruinous hurricane and navigates a record bankruptcy.

Rossello, 40, said in an Internet video that he would leave office Aug. 2. He was undone by popular fury after the publication of profane, vengeful and misogynistic text messages among him and his aides that disparaged foes and ordinary residents of the U.S. commonwealth. The stage was set by corruption investigations that have resulted in the indictment of two former administration officials. His departure plunges the island deeper into uncertainty as it struggles to revive a recession-scarred economy and rebuild from 2017's devastating Hurricane Maria...

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