TikTok marketers chase billions of views in uncharted terrain

TikTok is new enough that most advertisers are still learning what works on the service.  Foto: Dado Ruvic

In an October post on TikTok, digital magician and video star Zach King walks up to the counter at Chipotle to receive a burrito bowl with chips. After he pays, he jumps and his clothes change in an instant into astronaut gear. Soon, everything in the store is floating in apparent zero gravity.

Another star, Brittany Broski -- known as "kombucha girl" -- posted on the video-sharing app around the same time, biting into a Chipotle burrito and then suddenly sporting a mad-scientist wig. The famous pomeranian, @jiffpom, turns into a vampire after touching Chipotle. All of these TikTok videos were tagged #boorito, for a U.S. advertising campaign promoting $4 burritos on Halloween. It's the most viral campaign Chipotle has ever done, based on one measure: the hashtag has 3.9 billion views on TikTok...

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