Unsold truffles tell tale of broken $3.4 trillion food chain

A dairy farmer dumps excess milk down a drain at a farm in Ashford, England, on April 26, 2020. Foto: Bloomberg/Jason Alden

Every year, John Gregson sells his autumn and winter truffles, carefully sourced from places like Italy's Sibillini mountains and Teruel in eastern Spain, to restaurants for as much as 6,000 pounds ($7,400) a kilo. Not this year.

His biggest restaurant customers brought their shutters down during the coronavirus lockdown, and many may not be raising them anytime soon -- if ever. The unprecedented disruption in the food chain, with worst-case estimates showing 80% of restaurants going bust in some parts of the world, is leaving people like Gregson grappling with an industry that may take years to untangle itself...

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