For staff living in empty hotels, it's all work and a little play

A worker of a cleaning company desinfects a room of Hotel Dona Maria in Seville, Spain. Foto: AP/Miguel Morenatti

On March 18, stay-at-home orders were enforced throughout California wine country, forcing most businesses to temporarily shut in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among them was the Farmhouse Inn, a bucolic, 25-room boutique resort in Sonoma County, co-owned by Joe Bartolomei. But rather than pack his office and head home, he did the opposite: He moved permanently into his place of business.

"I lived here back in November during the fires and power outages," says Bartolomei, who ordinarily lives with his wife and three kids less than two miles away. Back then, it was a two-week stint to make sure the generators were running; this time around, the to-do list and timeline are exponentially longer...

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