Amazon's $3,000 signing bonuses irk workers who got $10 coupons

Employees work at an Amazon fulfillment center in Baltimore in 2019. Photo: Melissa Lyttle/Bloomberg

Amazon is doling out hiring bonuses as high as $3,000 to make sure it has enough people to squeak through the busy holiday shopping season. That's stoking resentment among existing workers who recently got coupons for Thanksgiving turkeys as a thank-you for their hard work.

Social-media chat rooms where Amazon workers congregate have lit up. One worker shared a photo of a $15 turkey voucher, prompting others to boast that they received coupons for $20 or $25, while others lamented that they got nothing. When a worker in Alabama said his warehouse got $10 vouchers, colleagues joked that it was barely enough to buy a turkey leg. Others mordantly counseled fellow workers to look on the bright side - at least the turkey vouchers were tax-free, unlike the bonuses...

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