New pro-Beijing party signals China's future plans for Hong Kong

The logo for the Bauhinia Party on a laptop as Charles Wong Chau-chi, co-founder, works at his desk in Hong Kong on Jan. 12, 2021. Foto: Bloomberg/Paul Yeung

As China moves to neutralize Hong Kong's pro-democracy opposition, it is also giving the green light to a new political party that provides a window into how Beijing may change the territory in the years ahead.

The Bauhinia Party, named after the flower on Hong Kong's flag, was founded last May by Western-educated businessmen who were born in the mainland and have links to the Communist Party. Although still tiny, the group consulted with officials in the Hong Kong government, the Liaison Office -- Beijing's main body overseeing the city -- and relevant offices in China, according to Charles Wong Chau-chi, one of the co-founders...

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