Women are getting more jobs than ever in changing Saudi Arabia

Saudi women work at the reception desk of a local restaurant in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia, on Aug. 4, 2019. Foto: Bloomberg/Tasneem Alsultan

It looks like a woman's world on the 29th floor of Tamkeen Tower, where a call center for Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Statistics overlooks the beige sprawl of Riyadh. Past frosted glass doors, the few men to one side of the room are vastly outnumbered by female colleagues sitting at desks spread across the office.

The scene is the opposite of what most workplaces in the conservative Islamic kingdom looked like a few years ago, reflecting the growing influx of women into the job market. "Look where we were and where we are now," says Reem Almuhanna, 31, who oversees the call center's 74 employees as they gather data on households and businesses...

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