New tax regime won't push big tech companies out of Ireland

A pedestrian walks near a residential construction site in south Dublin, Ireland, on May 10, 2021. Foto: Bloomberg/Paulo Nunes dos Santos

Big tech companies and other industries that have settled in Europe's tax havens are unlikely to shift their bases under the proposed global minimum tax regime as markets like Ireland still offer more corporate perks than wealthier neighbors.

While the 15% tax rate proposed by the Group of Seven rich nations is higher than Ireland's current 12.5% levy for businesses, it's still below the 20% or more companies would face in countries like the U.S. or France. The country also has tax treaties with other nations that allow multinational businesses to pay a lower rate and incentives to compensate companies for research and development spending. If new legislation doesn't address the other perks tax havens offer big tech companies, they could maintain a lot of their advantages...

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