Harvard Business Review

If Your Spouse’s Work Life Is Stressful, Design a Healthier Home Life

Du er fyret! Der er ingen grund til at trække pinen ud, hvis man har lavet en fejlansættelse. Modelfoto: Corbis/Flirt

Watching your loved ones suffer from stress and burnout is an awful experience. But it’s a reality for many married professionals who see their spouses staggering under the weight of constant demands from the office.

It’s an experience I can absolutely relate to, as I recently went through it with my husband, Shawn Achor. We are a married pair of happiness researchers, and we run a business and home together. Last spring, Shawn was pulling triple duty: finishing up the manuscript to his new book, regularly speaking at companies and being an engaged and wonderful father to our 3-year-old son. It was a lot. And of course, he slowly began getting increasingly stressed. The experience made me start to question what long-term, sustainable solutions we could implement to keep stress in check...

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