Harvard Business Review

You Don’t Just Need One Leadership Voice — You Need Many

Er du lavet af ledermateriale eller skulle du hellere lade tanken flyve? Check her på to lister om dine hensigter passer med det som efterspørges - hvis du gerne vil forfremmes. Foto: Colourbox

We often equate developing a leadership voice with finding ways to appear more confident. But to truly build confidence, it's important to focus on the many different parts of your leadership voice each day. Here are the voices to access within yourself and cultivate over time:

— YOUR VOICE OF CHARACTER: First and foremost, consider the voice of your character. This is the part of your voice that is constant and consistent. It is grounded in fundamental principles about whom you choose to be and what guides and motivates your interactions with others, and is ultimately about who you are and the motivations that guide your actions...

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