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Seen 'Columbus,' the movie? Meet Columbus, the modernist mecca

The famous "conversation pit" in J. Irwin Miller's 1957 modernist home, designed by his go-to troika: architect Eero Saarinen, landscape architect Dan Kiley and interior designer Alexander Girard. MUST CREDIT: Indianapolis Museum of Art.

It's a pity Hollywood has no Oscar for best supporting architecture, because "Columbus" would have been a contender. The quirky indie film was shot in the small Indiana city of 45,000 people, known to modernist design geeks the world over.

The monumental (if mute) second cast was cherry-picked from more than 90 buildings, bridges, parks and sculptures from the mid 20th century to early in this century, plus an 1864 ancestral mansion turned fancy bed-and-breakfast with splendid formal gardens...

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