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Nyhed: Lars Marcher støber fremtidens kugler for Ambus toprival. Nyhed: Dom bremser lukrativ skattefinte for arvinger. Nyhed: Jesper Buch køber sig ind i børnetøjsforhandler. Analyse: Dette er finansmarkedets største frygt lige nu.

Apple says Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affect all Mac and iOS devices

Foto: Paul Sakuma/AP

Technology companies are working to protect their customers after researchers revealed that major security flaws affecting nearly every modern computer processor could allow hackers to steal stored data - including passwords and other sensitive information - on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and cloud networks around the globe.

The scramble to harden a broad array of devices comes after researchers found two significant vulnerabilities within modern computing hardware, one of which cannot be fully resolved as of yet. Experts say the disclosure of the critical flaws underscores the need to keep up with software updates and security patches and highlights the role independent research plays in prodding tech companies to minimize security weaknesses...

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