Washington Post

Polls show Americans distrust the media; but talk to them, and it's a very different story

Foto: Joseph Kaczmarek/AP

The July email from Daniel Hastings, who lives in Washington, D.C., was harsh: "You never have any intention of providing an unbiased or factual representation of the man or his policies," he wrote. "Ergo, fake news! No one outside your liberal bubble at the Post or the general DC area can take you seriously."

Hastings was responding to a Washington Post column I had written about President Donald Trump. I'd argued that Trump was wrong to insist, despite credible evidence to the contrary, that much of the reporting done by national news organizations was just lies. Hastings disagreed - and he had some advice for me: "Take a visit to the heart of the country. Go to a diner or a flea market. Strike up some conversations. Come back and report without malice or deceit." He seemed sure that most people would back him up...

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