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Apple will let you choose between your phone's speed, its battery life

The bottom side of the new iPhone 7 Plus, photographed after the Apple presentation in San Francisco, US, 7 September 2016. The new iPhone does not have the traditional audio socket. Instead, the iPhone 7 uses Apple's digital 'Lightning' connection or Bluetooth. Photo: Christoph Dernbach/AP Images

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Wednesday that you'll soon be able to make the decision between your iPhone's performance and its battery life, following controversy over the company's decision to do it for you.

Cook said that an upcoming version of Apple's mobile iOS operating system will allow iPhone owners to turn off the part of your iPhone's software that slows it down to preserve its battery life, in an interview with ABC News. But he wouldn't recommend it, as the company slowed down the phones to prevent other problems, he said. Apple has previously said that turning off the performance throttling could tax your battery and make your phone shut down unexpectedly...

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