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So many Japanese people die alone, there's an industry devoted to cleaning up after them

Yautaka Kimura, left, and Akira Fujita pray after cleaning an apartment in Kawasaki, Japan, where a man had died about four months before his body was discovered. So-called "lonely deaths" happen frequently in Japan, home to the world's fastest-aging population. Foto: Shiho Fukada photo for The Washington Post

KAWASAKI, Japan - There was a putrid smell emanating from the apartment. There was an obvious brown stain on the futon where the body had been. The futon, the clothes, the newspapers and horse-racing stubs were covered with maggots and flies.

Still, if the man had died in the summer and rotted for months in the sweltering heat, instead of drying to a shrivel as winter approached, it could have been much worse...

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