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Why Amazon built its workers a mini rain forest inside three domes in downtown Seattle

Amazon CEO and founder Jeffrey Bezos called the Spheres an "incredibly complex" project and a "remarkable environment." Foto: Photo by Ian C. Bates for The Washington Post.

SEATTLE - Microsoft employees have treehouses. Apple workers have what's been called a spaceship. And now Amazon's staffers have a rainforest - or at least something like one - right in the middle of downtown Seattle.

On a typically overcast Monday, in a particularly Amazonian version of a ribbon-cutting ceremony for "the Spheres" - its giant glass-and-metal domes filled with tropical and rare plants - CEO Jeff Bezos asked the gathered attendees to look to the ceiling. A circular blue ring lit up, and the Amazon founder summoned its artificial intelligence assistant, Alexa, to officially open the building. (Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post.)..

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