Washington Post

Unprecedented US-British project launches to study the world's most dangerous glacier

Blowing snow coming off the calving front of the Thwaites Ice Shelf, as seen from IceBridge DC-8 on Oct. 16, 2012. Foto: James Yungel-NASA

The largest U.S.-British Antarctic mission in seven decades officially launched at an event in Cambridge on Monday, as the two countries pooled dollars and scientific resources for missions to West Antarctica's Thwaites glacier - a Florida-size ice body that, scientists fear, could flood the world's coastlines in our lifetimes.

"For global sea-level change in the next century, this Thwaites glacier is almost the entire story," said David Holland, a geoscientist at New York University, who will pair with British Antarctic Survey researcher Keith Nicholls to lead one of the six scientific field missions...

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