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Maybe the only way to keep Facebook from harming us is to hide everything

Her, der og alle vegne: Facebooks imperium vokser dagligt. Snart vil det også overtage den virkelige verden. Foto: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Facebook, at its core, is designed to show things to its users that they will share, like and click. And that very same design is what helped the platform become so good at spreading hoaxes and misinformation: A good hoax shows you what you want to believe, true or not. And we share things that we want to be true.

Although viral misinformation itself became a viral, vital topic of discussion after the 2016 elections, platforms like Facebook are still struggling to undo their own repeated roles in amplifying it. And that delay is what prompted Ben Grosser, an artist and assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to offer a semi-tongue-in-cheek solution: What if we just got rid of all the content?..

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