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Trump ends campaign hoping to defeat Democrats in states he won

President Trump, left, kisses Ivanka Trump, during a rally in Fort Wayne, Ind., on Monday. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Luke Sharrett

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- President Donald Trump delivered a dark and sometimes fact-challenged message on immigration Monday as he zigzagged through a trio of Midwestern states that propelled him to the White House, digging deep into the tactics he used two years ago in hopes of unseating Democrats and retaining GOP control of the Senate.

As he stumped for a handful of Republican senatorial and gubernatorial candidates on the eve of the midterms, his remarks were a potpourri of 2016 nostalgia, campaign and White House cameos on stage, boasts about the economy, and taunts for many of his political foes. Trump touted the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, decrying the judge's accusers and Democrats who voted against him, and highlighted rising jobs numbers while bragging about the tax cut bill his administration passed...

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