Populists who started Brexit call May a traitor to the cause ahead of historic vote

Brexit - britisk farvel til EU
Michael Heseltine, former Conservative lawmaker, speaks during a Best For Britain And People's Vote rally in London on Sunday. Prime Minister Theresa May faced heavy opposition against her Brexit deal as cabinet ministers said she is pushing ahead with a Tuesday's crucial House of Commons vote despite predictions it's headed for defeat. Foto: Simon Dawson, Bloomberg

LONDON - Just two days before the British Parliament is scheduled for a historic vote on Brexit, several thousand marchers - edgy, suspicious, aloud with conspiracy theories - massed near Prime Minister Theresa May's official residence at 10 Downing Street on Sunday to condemn her as a traitor to their cause.

The march was called by the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP), a once-ascendant movement now in decline, dominated by "Euroskeptics" and right-wing populists. They were at the forefront of the winning Brexit campaign two years ago, when they were led by radio show personality and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage, who was one of the first British politicians to meet with President Donald Trump after his election...

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