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He was just freed after 21 years - for a murder someone else confessed to 17 years ago

John Miller, center, smiles with his family, outside the SCI Mahanoy State Correctional Institution in Frackville, Pa. Miller spent more than two decades behind bars for a murder he didn't commit, is a free man. The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office agreed with Miller's defense team that his prosecution was flawed and his conviction shouldn't stand. Foto: AP/Jose F. Moreno

In 1997, a Philadelphia jury convicted John Miller of second-degree murder.

Prosecutors argued the 22-year-old shot and killed a parking lot attendant during an attempted robbery, a felony crime that carried a life sentence. Miller was guilty, they said, because a key witness placed him at the scene - despite the fact that the key witness had recanted that statement, twice...

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