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Strike brings Hong Kong transport to halt, shuts businesses after weekend of protests

Protesters retreat as police vehicles carrying riot police approach them during the anti-extradition bill protest at Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. The first of two planned protests in Hong Kong on Sunday has kicked off from a public park just hours after police said they arrested more than 20 people for unlawful assembly and other offences during the previous night's demonstrations. Foto: AP Photo/Vincent Thian

HONG KONG - A general strike in Hong Kong on Monday paralyzed transportation networks at rush hour, forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights, and shut down scores of businesses and restaurants after another chaotic weekend of protests across several parts of the city.

The strike, along with demonstrators who are increasingly using tactics to outsmart police, is intensifying pressure on Hong Kong's government to acquiesce to the pro-autonomy movement's demands to fully withdraw an unpopular extradition bill, investigate police use of force in recent weeks and greater democracy...

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