Washington Post

Trump increasingly relies on himself, not his aides, in trade war with China

On Tuesday, Trump's senior advisers still floated the possibility that the White House could scale back some of its economic penalties against China if leaders in Beijing offer tangible concessions. Foto: Photos by Paul J. RICHARDS and Ed Jones / AFP

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump is increasingly acting based on his own intuition and analysis and not the advice of aides in the increasingly fraught trade war with China, five people briefed on the actions said, shattering a more cautious process that had yielded few positive results so far.

The Treasury Department's formal announcement that it had labeled China a "currency manipulator" Monday came six hours after President Trump did it himself, on social media, the latest example of how Trump is determining his own next steps. The people describing the White House process spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly...

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