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Satire? Wallow? There's no right way to watch 'Succession' - hating it works, too

Jeremy Strong, left, as Kendall Roy and Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy in "Succession." Photo: Peter Kramer, HBO

Having wormed its way into prestige television's fragile psyche, HBO's shrivel-hearted drama "Succession" returns Sunday as the show one loves to detest, or detests oneself for loving, or something in between.

Plenty of people savor "Succession" on its own narrative terms - even if those terms remain tricky to pin down. They say the show is meant to be a form of satire. Others say you're supposed to enjoy it as a vicarious eat-the-rich fantasy (with side servings of anti-corporate Schadenfreude), even though the show has yet to provide any evidence that the rich ever lose...

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