Washington Post

'Hey, Google! Let me talk to my departed father.'

Andrew Kaplan, a 78-year-old novelist and former war correspondent, is creating a virtual version of himself to allow his family to connect with "him" after he's gone, through their phones, Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Foto: Brinson+Banks, The Washington Post

When Andrew Kaplan reminisces, his engrossing tales leave the impression that he's managed to pack multiple lives into a single existence: globe-trotting war correspondent in his 20s, member of the Israeli army who fought in the Six-Day War, successful entrepreneur and, later, author of numerous spy novels and Hollywood scripts.

Now - as the silver-haired 78-year-old unwinds with his wife of 39 years in a suburban oasis outside Palm Springs, California - he has realized he would like his loved ones to have access to those stories, even when he's no longer alive to share them. Kaplan has agreed to become "AndyBot," a virtual person who will be immortalized in the cloud for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years...

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