Washington Post

Snap launches political ads library

Snap is just the latest firm to proactively create a database of its political ads as 2020 gets underway. Foto: AP/Patrick Seeger

Snap is attempting to shed more light on which political players are using its platform to reach voters as the 2020 campaign ramps up. It's the latest move by a big social media company to police itself as Washington struggles to figure out what role, if any, it should play in regulating political ads on such platforms.

Snap told me it has launched a political ad library in recent days that will list all political and advocacy ads on its platform; so far, the library includes more than 1,000 ads purchased in 2019 promoting President Donald Trump, and 2020 rivals former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. The database also includes third-party ads touching on hot-button issues, including ads from Planned Parenthood and even ads about criminal justice restructuring from the ice cream company Ben and Jerry's...

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