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The 'Downton Abbey' cast wants to take you back to a more innocent time - 2012

Michelle Dockery, left, and Laura Carmichael of "Downton Abbey." Foto: Washington Post photo by Marvin Joseph

WASHINGTON - Ah, Downton Abbey. We missed you so. Has it really been just four years since you left? Feels like ages. A lot has happened since then. Britain wasn't bickering over Boris and Brexit when you arrived in 2010 (or even when you called it a day in 2015). And America was not yet locked in its forever spitball war between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces. Maybe it was an illusion - of course it was an illusion - but the planet seemed more gentle when Downton was king.

And so we've become nostalgic for its nostalgia. Misty-eyed too, for a simpler time free of cold brew coffee, electric scooters and Twitter. An arms-wide-open welcome, then, for "Downton Abbey" the movie, which hits theaters Friday and not a moment too soon. Escapism, sweet escapism, may just be what the world needs now...

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