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Restaurants put climate change on the menu

San Francisco restaurateurs Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint. Photo: Alanna Hale

San Francisco restaurateurs Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz may have been ahead of their time with their environmentally minded restaurant. The Perennial, which closed in February after three years of business in the city's challenging Mid-Market neighborhood, tried to tackle climate change through hyperlocal sourcing, energy efficiency, an eco-conscious design, food waste prevention and consumer education, among other planet-friendly practices.

But the culinary couple, partners in life and work, haven't lost their sense of urgency around global warming and how the restaurant industry could play a key role in combating the problem. Their latest climate change campaign with a culinary bent: an optional surcharge on California restaurant checks as part of a new public-private initiative supporting carbon farming practices that Myint and Leibowitz are leading called Restore California...

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