Washington Post

Google's new political ad rules unite Democratic and Republican campaigns in opposition

Google plans to implement the rules first in the United Kingdom, starting in a week, before rolling them out globally next year. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Krisztian Bocsi

Google's plan to restrict political advertisers from targeting their messages to narrow audiences left Democratic and Republican strategists in rare alignment, fearing that they had lost a key tool for identifying new supporters and gathering donations less than a year before the 2020 election.

The strong, bipartisan objections to Google's plans, announced Wednesday, underscore how the tech giant and its Silicon Valley peers have remade U.S. politics - and how disruptive changes could be. These companies have offered presidential candidates and other campaigners once-unfathomable abilities to reach millions of Americans with targeted messages. But many strategists aren't keen on giving up those valuable technologies even as the firms that offer them come under scrutiny for undermining democracy...

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